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Rantings of a Delusional Musician

The sweet blood on his laughing lips now calls him to the depths of hell.

Alicia (Alice by some)
Hello all, welcome to my livejournal. Here is a little bit about myself.


Hair: Auburn
eyes: Right one Blue Left one Green (contacts)
weight : 109
height: 5'4
Age: 18
gender: female

I realize that I don't update a lot, but that is mainly because of time constrictions. I still do however go on this site and see what everyone else is up to from time to time. It’s hard to keep a up to date LJ, go to college, and work on various art projects at the same time. That said though, I will still try to comment from time to time so don’t worry, you are not forgotten. ;)

acdc, aerosmith, afi, alessa gillespie, alexi laiho, alexia ashford, alice cooper, american mcgee's alice, anarchy, angus young, animals, atreyu, bass, black, black sabbath, blood, bloodrayne, bon scott, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, chainsaws, children of bodem, claudia wolf, cloudstrife, coffee, columbine, corpse bride, crystals, dante, darkness falls, death eaters, deaths, devil may cry, devildriver, dirge of cerberus, dogs, dolphins, dragonforce, dragons, drawing, drums, dylan klebold, electric funeral, eric harris, europe, evanescence, fade to black, fantasy, fashion, fender guitars, final fantasy, friends, germany, guitars, guns, guns n' roses, halloween, harp seals, harry potter, hatebreed, headbangers ball, heather mason, hells bells, henry townshend, him, horses, iron maiden, jackson guitars, jimmy page, johnny depp, kipland kinkel, kmfdm, knives, leather, led zeppelin, linkin park, magic, magnums, matrix, meditation, metal, metal mania, metallica, morton rainey, movies, murders, music, music videos, narnia, nightwish, nirvana, one, ozzfest, ozzy osbourne, painting, parties, poker, randy rhoads, ravenclaw, reading, resident evil, rob zombie, rock, rodolphus lestrange, sabbath bloody sabbath, samhain, saul hudson, seals, secret window, sephiroth, serial killers, severus snape, shotguns, silence, silent hill, silver, slash, sleeping, slytherin, spree-killers, stars, swat kats, tarot cards, tom riddle, trembling blue stars, trenchcoats, trivium, underworld, unicorns, vampires, van halen, vergil, violence, voldemort, walter sullivan, werewolves, wesker, wicca, within temptation, wolves, xena